Trailers for portable toilets for construction, industry, commerce and agriculture

We manufacture ultra light for the transfer and distribution of portable restroom trailers, there by allowing fuel savings as they can be towed by the same vehicle used to clean them. Some are designed to meet certification requirements in safety in food production in agroindustry.

We can accommodate 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,12,14,16,20 and 24 health simultaneously.

Trailer my Friend S200 Model. 

SONELI develops products that help increase Safety in the Agricultural sector. Food safety and food safety.
What is safety? Is the condition that ensures that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared and / or eaten according to the use to which it intended.

It is therefore important to identify, assess and control hazards that are significant for food safety according to the Codex Alimenraius.
One way to control them is the human waste in the process of development of the crop. For this we ultralight trailer, which allow employers to manage correctly and efficiently all those pollutants generated by humans in the process of caring for crops, which could in a moment contaminate fruits or vegetables.
Our innovative model. Trailer FARMER MY FRIEND S200.
It is a trailer specifically designed to address issues of safety and regulatory issues in agriculture, equipped with a standard medical model wave. And internal sink. Optionally equipped with outdoor sink, according to the convenience of the end user. My friend S200 is the best option for allowing the optimization of time and motion field maneuvers. Since the trailer can be towed up to a four-engine, and follow the team on the field.
My FRIEND FARMER S200 provides the best option regarding economy and efficiency both in the field of culture and for special events.
It also has a rear Jalon to pin which connects two or more trailers at a time.




Mobile trailer equipped with bathroom My friend 1500S model Farmer.

My friend 1500S is an economical and practical choice for any medical use but mainly designed for agriculture which is part of the family of our trailers designed for agribusiness that helps maintain safety conditions in food production. One of the competitive advantages and distinctive trailer featuring my friends 1500S is made lighter transport your portable toilets allowing any vehicle transporting the trailer in their fields, orchards and vegetables, giving the end user always service availability. This is a trailer that allows agricultural entrepreneur obterner higher profitability of your business. We think that nobody is angry with his money and get a better product to help you produce more money.


Trailer S10 Model  Portable Toilets used daily.

S10 The trailer is a trailer and distribuicion route. helps to optimize fuel use in the distribution of their health for their lightweight design and specially designed for portable toilets.
It has a low bed design allowing for greater stability and requires less effort from the operator to raise and lower the portable toilets.
Our new model has only two fastener strips on the bottom, adjusting only the basis of health, which represents a substantial innovation in saving time and logistics personnel maneuvers. The S10 trailer is designed for a single operator you carry out operations necessary for the distribution and collection of portable toilets used daily.

Trailer S10 portable toiles model for used daily  on rute.



Model S20 for distribution portatiles.especial health to move large amounts





Somos fabricantes de remolques ligeros para el traslado de los sanitarios portátiles, permitiendo con ello el ahorro de combustible ya que pueden ser remolcados por el mismo vehículo que se utiliza para la limpieza de los mismos.

Tenemos con capacidades de 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,12,14,16,20 y 24 sanitarios simultaneamente.