Portable toilets Wave Model.

The portable sanitation industry has increased worldwide due to the considerable economic benefits generated in the sectors of construction and outdoor events. By including practical and mobile toilets in the facility construction sites and outdoor events, builders are becoming more productive by increasing worker productivity. Furthermore event organizers sales increase because the guests stay longer in their events. The benefits of including portable toilets variety of important areas, such as protection of public health and the environment.

The increasing demand for portable toilets provides an excellent business opportunity for new or established companies wishing to diversify their activities through participation in this segment. By offering a comprehensive service with market demand and it is beneficial to society, owners of portable toilets companies discover that the Internal Revenue Service and conditioning of health is a profitable venture with unlimited potential for growth.

SONELI is the only company that offers a program of franchised businesses portable toilets and an accompanying program that allows best practices for managing a health business. Also offers continuous operational training sessions and marketing to existing companies in the healthcare sector. This training, along with our complete line of portable toilets, deodorizers and suction trucks, has helped operators establish profitable companies rent portable toilets in many countries around the world.

We are not a company that offers a unique option for everyone. Based on a single model, managerial Our diverse range of health, special and Wheelchair access operators offer numerous choices of color, style and appropriate to the image of any company functions.

We can offer from affordable models to luxury portable toilets complete with flushing system, toilets, solar lighting, shelving and more.

SONELI has the right portable toilet to your budget and is also elegant, hygienic and with a limited warranty of 4-10 years to ensure your total satisfaction.

To prime the health, use deodorizing and cleaning products CUSITEC-PT500. We have many deodorizers formulas for specific weather and traffic conditions and requirements for waste treatment plants and offer a full line of organic products.

  By purchasing products CUSITEC-PT500 will earn points that can be exchanged for toilets, sinks, collecting tanks and other products without charge. Use products CUSITEC to have sanitary cleaner and be rewarded for every purchase ... we guarantee it.

Plan to increase the efficiency of their trails with septic and SONELI suction trucks. With capacities ranging from 300 to 7500 gallons, have controls and workstations easily accessible for drivers to minimize movements, walking and weight lifting. The stainless steel components and sealing films we use will prolong the life and beauty of your truck for many years of productive service.

In addition to products, our global network of regional managers assists local level to help in matters relating to the choice of products, operational concerns and best business practices implemented by many top operators worldwide. Our customer service representatives will provide an additional link with SONELI to ensure a quick response to your questions and concerns.

The portable toilets are still a growing industry due in large part to operators and providers work together to increase the dignity, quality of life and human productivity and the environment. For more information on products SONELI contact the manager of your region


Wave Portable toilet

The Wave portable toilet is a real step ahead in the portable sanitation industry and is the result of years of manufacturing experience. “Wave” offers the maximum ease of use for its operators and a design that shows Armal’s eye for details and for the needs of those in the portable toilet rental business.

Armal uses the most sophisticated and resistant materials which have been transformed using highlyprecise production methods, and combines that with an engineering project whose main objectives are ease of use, safety, and quality/price rapport for the operator of portable toilets.

“Wave” was specifically designed to have super-smooth surfaces which makes it easy to wash; the walls are assembled using an overlapping system, hiding the rivets for better security and practicality, making the interior well-finished and done with care.

Este modelo contiene un urinal y un despachador para 3 rollos de papel.



Technical specifications

wave Portable toilets,special  for construction bussines.

3-rolls toilet pape holder

3-Rolls toile pape for  USA and México

Technical specifications


Net Weight

172 lbs

Septic Tank capacity

About 60 gal. - 227 lt

External dimensions

43 x 47,2 x 90 inches
109,2 x 119,8 x 228,6 cm

Material used

High-density grade 4 polyethylene plus anti-UV treatment

Wall Urinal

Wall urinal for  toilets  portable USA and Mexico.




ScentWave portable toilets

They are designed for direct injection process flavorings to polyethylene, allowing the user a feeling of freshness when you use it. Also allows long duration, which ensure better comfort and cleaning services.

This range of scented walls represents a clear advancement in the evolution of portable toilets, and guarantees not only greater comfort for the user but also sheds a greater light on your company and makes you stand out from other companies who rent or clean toilets.

The scents were specifically designed to be long-lasting, even in cases where the units are exposed to extreme weather conditions. The scented walls are available only for the “Wave” cabins.




Wave Shower


The “Hydro” line also has an individual shower unit, which has internal accessories allowing for easy hook-up to plumbing and sewage systems. The shower floor is made of anti-slip resin so is very hygienic and easy to clean.



Wave HN for disabled persons

The “Wave” HN was developed to be more comfortable for people with physical disabilities. Aside from the element of comfort, which we find even in the Standard model, this version has elements that were
specifically designed for this type of user. With its sloping, anti-slip flooring and large interior, the “Wave” HN is big enough for one person and an assistant, and is totally free of architectonic barriers.

The seat height, which is in accordance with international regulations, combined with the side handrails, allow for easy movement from wheelchair to toilet. The toilet seat meets the ADA height requirements.



 Portable toilets Wave HN  model for disabled persons



Wave Changing room

This is a changing room with a handy floor surface and clothing hooks. These units can also be used in gardens, backyards, by the beach, in the countryside, or anywhere you need to store tools or other objects. The front door has a built-in system for the easy insertion of a lock.


Wave Western mains toilet

This model is part of the "Hydro" line, which features a series of internal fittings to connect to plumbing and sewage systems. This model has a comfortable seat made from resin to not add extra weight. Specially designed for dry box, which can be towed.

Usually, it is used in temporary camps where operations centers construction of major works are concentrated, and systems Connection discharge is routed to mobile septic tanks. Commonly used in great works such as the construction of pipelines, roads, large dams. Places where you can locally treat waste through a temporary treatment plant and water reuse. Avoid costs in logistics centers disposal of solids.

This model can be configured with an internal sink, allowing you to get the maximum benefit of the product.