Welcome to Soneli International Group a leading manufacturer of toilet  customs tanks and distributor of portable toilets for the construction industry and outdoor events. 

 We are Mexican company that provides products and services of the highest quality to the healthcare industry, industrial,

commercial and government in Mexico; as well as import, export, distribution and sale of portable toilets, portable toilets,

sinks, urinals, chemicals, biodigesters, vacuum pump, flavorings, industrial cleaning products for the maintenance of the

baths, treatment systems and disposal of non-hazardous solid. Our staff is trained to use appropriate methods for each job,

giving thus, safety and reliability.

 We manufacture light for logistics and distribution of their health trailers, we have a diverse range of models, from 1-24 toilets

in a single trailer for transport. Find the best deal and quality in manufacturing service tanks carbon steel, stainless steel and

aluminum for the collection and disposal of solid. We are distributors of inputs for business income of portable toilets as well

as business wholesale distributors of portable baths for sale.

The coverage of our services is global in the Federal District and other states of the Mexican Republic. We have distribution centers

located strategically for the sale of portable toilets in Mexico City, Chihuahua, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Paso Texas to

the United States of North America, Central America and the Caribbean and South America.

We also have rental service Rent franchisee through various operation centers throughout the Mexican Republic portable toilets.

Specialized sectors of the construction industry, the agricultural industry, businesses focused on massive outdoor events, business

or special events such as parties or places where you do not have urban infrastructure fixed.


Our path is the best guarantee we can offer, and the loyalty of our customers is our best presentation.

    Toilet tanks with vacuum pump

     Trailers for portable toilets - mobile bathrooms

     Design and construction of septic tanks

     Municipal equipment with pressure suction trucks, sweepers, pumps and submersible pumps.

     Franchise Business Income of portable toilets for construction sites,

 large events or special events

     Treatment of septic tanks with biodigesters to reuse wastewater

     Inputs for treatment plants wastewater, sludge and bacteria.

     Vacuum pumps, parts

     We are distributors of Conde, Jurop, Masport, Moro, Battioni, Evac, Fruitland, Robuschi among other brands.

     Kits for rebuids for Jurop Pumps, Conde Pumps, Masport Pumps, Moro Pumps, Battioni Pumps, Evac Pumps, Fruitland Pumps, Robuschi pumps.

     Cleaning materials

     Toiletries Sale

We invite you to learn more about our services and products on our website. Please contact us to offer personalized attention. We are happy to provide the assistance required to:




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