Who are we?

Soneli International Group SA de CV is a company that started its operations in 2000 in the healthcare industry, under the concept reuseof waste established in northern Mexico in Chihuahua. Due to the needs of our clients and then we consolidate our trademark SONELI  International, expanding our range of products and services, to design our own trailers to transport tanks and health services for any type and capacity required by our customers; increasing the boom in sales of portable toilets.

With a recent renovation and expansion of our facilities, we now present as SONELI International Group, with operations in Mexico City an, and el paso texas to serve markets in the United States of North America. in order to facilitate and be more accessible to our customers by reaching our products and services; so that makes us more competitive in the healthcare industry, because we have on the one hand, with a large experience in the field and on the other hand with the development of business strategies with leading manufacturers of parts and components as Virginia Rubber Co., ARMAL Inc, WALEX, VAR Co, among others; to have international standards in design and quality service.

In addition to our wide selection of health and stations for washing hands, SONELI also offers a full line of complementary products such as holding tanks, service tanks, mirrors, shelves, labels, signs, soap, paper products, chemicals and odor eliminators of the highest quality and are fully biodegradable in order to protect your health and the environment.


Providing our customers with a wide range of health products and services that enable our customers to solve their problems really successfully, timely and expeditious manner; well as a broad range of chemical products for the maintenance, cleaning and proper treatment of solid, caring health and respecting the environment.


Being a leader in creating solutions for the care and cleaning of the environment, as well as the production and distribution of chemical products for treatment of solid and portable toilets; and being an innovator in our industry that sets the direction of making our tanks and trailers to allow appropriate treatment to treatment of hazardous solid, providing an excellent service that always exceed the expectations of our customers to be recognized by them and our competitors; as standard best practices of service complying with environmental regulations national and international environment.

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